Why going Helical? A Helical Screw Pile Foundation provides the same function as other foundations, i.e. to support or resist loads transferred into the pile by any type of structure.

Our Services

New Building

We have successfully provided piling for new buildings. Our helical piles have become the first choice of some Structural Engineers where new buildings are sited on very poor soils like in Akoka, Mende (Maryland), Gbagada and Osborne (Ikoyi).


We have successfully repaired some failed foundations by the installation of helical piles. Our piles are carefully installed inside and around existing buildings, making it possible to make new pile caps or steel brackets to arrest further settlement.


We also engage in shoreline protection works. Our helical piles are converted to composite concrete/steel columns with sockets for 150mm concrete slabs.

Why us?

We got the tools

We have all tools necessary to carry out our job to a perfect state.

Certified Experience

Our Engineers are certified and well trained both in structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Piling.

Cost Effective

The cost of mobilizing equipment (move in – move out) is generally much less with helical screw piles than with other types of foundation systems.

Vibration Free

The installation of screw pile foundations is virtually vibration free, thus allowing installation near existing foundations or footings.


The installation equipment for screw pile foundations is generally smaller, lighter, and less specialized than that required for other types of foundations such as drilled piers, driven piles, and auger cast piles.

Great Support

In addition to significant cost savings, the smaller (less specialized) installation equipment, used with helical screw piles, allows for quick responses to situations requiring immediate action.

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