Our Services


We have successfully provided piling for new buildings. Our helical piles have become the first choice of some Structural Engineers where new buildings are sited on very poor soils like in Akoka, Mende (Maryland), Gbagada and Osborne (Ikoyi).

In many of these cases very soft peat layers of soil extend from rear surface to more than 30m depth posing a threat to integrity of conventional concrete piles. Our helical piles have successfully been installed and tested to more than 40m depth.


We have successfully repaired some failed foundations by the installation of helical piles. Our piles are carefully installed inside and around existing buildings, making it possible to make new pile caps or steel brackets to arrest further settlement. Smaller anchor drives and skid steer loaders are available to access tight locations for piling.


We also engage in shoreline protection works. Our helical piles are converted to composite concrete/steel columns with sockets for 150mm concrete slabs. These composite pile/columns are further restrained by battered piles creating a robust shoreline structure.